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Humanistic Counsellor, BA(Hons)

Registered MBACP

Therapeutic Benefits of Counselling.

As well as delivering Counselling to many clients and witnessing the positive changes this has had, I also speak from experiencing Counselling Therapy myself. Counselling can help bring calm to a chaotic mind, peace to unrested thoughts and contentment with who you are!

Life brings many challenges and often leaves us wounded, withdrawn from the world and lacking in self-worth and confidence. If the conditions are right, having a safe space to explore and express your self openly to someone who really listens and hears you, someone offering Empathy, Congruence & Unconditional Positive Regard, you will begin to feel empowered and able to continue your life's journey.

Counselling can help you make sense of your world, help you process thoughts and feelings, build self confidence and self esteem, come to terms with life's challenges, express the pain of loss and find peace.

Counselling offers you, if you choose to explore it, powerful insights into the person deep within you!

C‚Äčan Mindfulness Improve Your World ?

I have spent many years reading, studying/learning and practising Mindfulness. It is a powerful yet simple concept of how we can all improve our way of being and living .

Often when we are faced with focusing on our selves and how we may improve our mind, body and soul, the task seems difficult, mammoth even and maybe even something we keep putting off.  Sadly this means we then continue to trundle through life feeling unfulfilled and disengaged! 
 Mindfulness  is quite simply as it says 'being mindful in every way'.  By this I mean be in the moment and aware of the now. We all often either live in the past regretting decisions we may have made, holding on to once was, missing our younger selves so on and so forth, or we spend hours planning the future, don't get me wrong, a little planning is important, and healthy for our motivation and drive, but we can all learn to do this more Mindfully! 

Very often we miss the very moment we are in and actually, this is the only REAL time  there is and to experience it as it happens means we are fully engaging in the now!

 So how do we change our way of thinking, doing & being? 

We make a conscious choice to change the way we live in our world, choosing fulfilment, contentment and peace! 

"Surrender to what is,

Let go of what was,

Have faith in what will be"

Sonia Ricotti

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